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Do not cede that ground!

The terms of debate should entirely be "who is the US to decide who lives and who dies around the world?", we should not be conceding that the US is even in a position to judge by talking as if the targets goodness or badness is relevant!

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making a tarkov "is profit possible from the hideout?" video essay and it's gonna be a minute long explanation of profit being extracted labor from value and not being able to generate profit from your own work because it's your own as my foundation for my "no" answer

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What's the longest you've used a single smart phone? (Boost for a broader data pool.)

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"In the words of one former sysop, the BBS was the original cyberspace. The stories from this era remind us that many different internets have already existed. An internet after social media is still possible; the internet of today can still become something better, more just, equitable, and inclusive—a future worth fighting for."


I was there, and I agree.

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covid, --- 

It’s super easily to fall into conspiracy theories when you read that long covid or repeated covid infections have an impact on cognitive capacity & impulse control

and when you notice how the strategy for nearly all the worlds’ governments since last year is to minimize the severity of infections & not care about them anymore, lifting mask restrictions, etc

Ik this is Hanlon’s Razor stuff but. how convenient for those in power

I feel like three or four folks on here need to know that there's a tumblr blog called 'koboldpost-generator'

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Johnny Mnemonic (1995) is a movie of two halves.

First, Keanu Reeves runs away from people trying to cut off his head, meets a pretty girl, and realises he’s smuggling important data that could save the world.

Then he goes on a rant about room service, meets a giant cybernetically-enhanced whale, and fights a middle-aged samurai alongside an AI from Switzerland.

It’s like the writers dropped acid halfway through and just went with it.

someone remind me, are kobolds scalies or furries?

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One thing that is so, so important to understand when thinking about US fascism is that the US is far more than just 50 states. It is a continuously expanding, ravenous bare-faced capitalist empire that continually needs to grow to sustain itself. When it no longer could expand into states and territories, it began to feed on colonies. When it was no longer ale to do that, it expanded influence militarily and through the creation of imperialized subjects and neo-colonies. The United States is every military base we own, every embassy we have, every puppet regime we've installed to do our bidding. The United States is single-handedly the most evil political entity in human history.

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breaking news: international economic order predicated on it being 1993 forever shocked to realize time has continued to elapse

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tl;dr - we need to change both our actions related this relationship and the very language that we use to communicate our rights. we need to start thinking about our rights as something pre-existing in all of us instead of gifts that can be taken away as easily as they are given.

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when I saw ninja assassin the first time I was like "'Weakness compels strength'? Where did that come from?"

now I know

seriously considering going full dumbphone after an hour or two of browsing lineageos-compatible devices.

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Sexually progressive cultures gave us mathematics, literature, philosophy, civilization and the rest, while sexually restrictive cultures gave us the Dark Ages and the Holocaust.
-- Alan Moore

#anarchism #quote #bot

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