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re: “death to america” 

imo “death to america” doesn’t mean “burn it all down” because america isn’t you or me or the roads or supply lines. america is prisons and wage slavery and a commons eviscerated by greed; it is the spirit driving that immiseration and privation. the america i want to kill is the thing already strangling you. i want to seize infrastructure, expropriate and repurpose it for the good of all — not mindlessly destroy it. that narrative of destruction is itself propaganda.

@soft 😭 remember when you could just go someplace and hang out

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"fighting your oppressors makes you just as bad as them" - your oppressors

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Nothing pushes me away from learning something as effectively as a bad teacher

@soft specifically, this is Navaan (vampire girl from chastity city) dialogue

the tentacle beast from carrion but it makes adorable kitten sounds

@soft can't get over how the name translates as "joe's hole"

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capitalism is a fuck and it makes me wanna do many an arson

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