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@soft if it wasn't so moist I would say - blankets and bathrobes

in particular bathrobes over ordinary clothes are So Warm

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remember when we dealt with nazis by killing them? we should do that again

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The ADHD urge to stare at the things you have to do for hours but not starting them until the very last minute.

@PetrichorSquirrel @prehensile men are occasionally described as ratty or squirrelly, but mousy seems to be exclusively femme

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Oh no someone murdered a bunch of shareholders and congresspeople how terrible oh geeeeeez wowwwww who could've foreseen thisssss *continues eating my corn chips*


@soft soft that beer is the size of your whole gotdamn torso

mental health -, Encanto 

@Juju ouch ~ at least it's better to know?

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hearing anarchists talk about dispensing justice outside the state always makes me worry they're just gonna reinvent lynching

@janegayclerk maybe they're desperately trying to avoid saying 'peons' or 'slaves'

a court of thorns and roses 

@soft oh did laurel k hamilton start up on the merry books again?

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Covid has confirmed my long held suspicion that right-wing survivalists will be worse in real survival situations than just an average person

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NFTs are the Beanie Babies of today.
Everyone's buying them thinking they'll be worth something at some point and... no.

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