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For a while now the state department line has been that all humans hate governance and any governments with approval ratings over 30% are lying

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I have a mild fascination with the decor in Cheesecake Factory because it feels like a cheesy reproduction of a historic culture that never existed. like all the brass fixtures and columns and art don't actually resemble stuff from this world.

it's like dining somewhere recreating the kinda iberian-franco fascist country from Dishonored. with a huge selection of cheesecake.

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The world could be such a gentler, kinder, and friendlier place. It could be a just and sacred place. It doesn't have to be depressing. It doesn't have to defeat you. Never let them convince you of that. Never let them convince you it's hopeless.

Things can get better. It will take time. It will take work. Sometimes, it will make you very, very uncomfortable. But the world doesn't have to be so scary. It's easy to forget, in the face of what's difficult, that the destination could be such a wonderful place.

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How to Speak Economist.

"The Economy is Doing Well" = The wealthy are spending borrowed money that they don't intend to repay and their corporations are spending rapidly to climb up the pyramid scheme. You still may get fired, but if you do, it's for "strategic growth purposes."

"We're in a recession" = The wealthy have decided to close this phase of the pyramid scheme and take in their profits. Someone else gets stuck with the bill for the money they borrowed. Their corporations are ordered to cut labor costs for a period of pure profit. You'll get fired and be expected to pick up a job for less money, because "in this economy" you can't expect to demand more.

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"we dont have enough resources" oh my gosh but we do, billionaires and millionaires are hoarding them

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Kill La Kill is Chrono Trigger without the time travel.

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“User Interface”? You mean clicking randomly on the ⁝ and ☰ and ⚙️ buttons trying to figure out what's in each one?

@soft it can be both

maybe they're scared the water will reach a boil

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all bugs in the world can be sorted into 2 categories:

1 - vital to the local ecosystem. eats small pests in your home and basically does the gardening for you. protect at all costs lest you disturb the balance of nature

2 - if you see this shit head in your house it’s too late. your slovenly home is already overrun and your carefree days are Finished. murder this animal with a variety of sprays and weapons every hour for the rest of your life and pray that the lord may someday grant you peace

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I need every infosec person to understand that surveillance capitalism is structural, not individual, and we are not going to ethically-consume our way out of it please and thank

@xanderio 🤨what kind of posts would you want to hide from nonbottoms?


@bun is this rick sanchez voice

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