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it's halloween today!!! hapy spooky season :witches_town: 🦇 🎃

????, maybe cursed 

look, all im saying is that if docker detects that it is out of disk space, it should automatically run system prune. if you rely on untagged images or stopped containers, you should stop doing that

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????, maybe cursed 

today, im going to girlboss all over our dev staging environment

blazing hot AI take that techies are definitely not ready for, caps 

It is nearly impossible to train a neural network to do anything but recreate the status quo and you can certainly never teach it to have independent guiding values from the training data or anything resembling a social imagination. Using it outside of EXTREMELY NARROW, PURELY ADVISORY contexts where this can't really be much of a problem like assisting in the classification of medical imagery for predicting disease presence should be permanantly banned butlerian-jihad style.



Stop saying it only affects the unvaccinated. Stop pretending like the exception of elderly and comorbidities is expendable.

22% of the US is over 60
45% of the US has a comorbidity that places them in high risk with covid.

What you are saying is that at least half (maybe more) of the population is disposable.

Liberals are now using the exact same eugenics rhetoric the far-right was using a year ago with the one exception of vaccination requirements.

signs you're a NAIL POLISH GAMER MALE (and is it better than alpha?)

I have decided to close my business because it turns out that people don't really need a lot of huge vessels to carry water. At the end of this month, the doors to Massive Jugs will be closed forever. Thank you for your patronage.


the good news is that my sense of taste is nearly certain to recover. the bad news is that it may take months.

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one significant annoyance of my covid experience is that wine now tastes like white claw. hope that goes away soon.

New year new year fresh out of the box, still got that 'new year' smell and bits of packaging stuck to it

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